The coaching methods of team manager Ralph Rangnick Old-fashioned

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Ralph Rangnick Manchester United have had a lot of drama coming out of the last 2 matches. When it was reveal that the senior players look at the coaching methods of team manager Ralph Rangnick. Old-fashioned, and assistant Chris Armas was tease as a joke for his shallow knowledge of football ufabet.

Reports from ‘ ESPN FC ‘ that there is an underwater wave at Old Trafford due to the team’s performance not improving from when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took the reins than before.

A source close to Carrington’s training center

A source close to Carrington’s training center told the press. That the 63-year-old’s senior squad were confuse. About how the 63 – year -old’s players were select for each match. As some of them trained well and didn’t get the chance. But the one who practiced to divide the side for the reserve set to start on matchday.

Where the system of play is so blunt, 4-2-2-2 at first seemed contrary to team resources. When I switched to 4-2-3-1 , I still couldn’t find the 11 in my heart.  

When combined with an outdated training style It will only increase the dissatisfaction of the senior ‘ Red Devils ‘ players , just waiting for the explosion to become a problem in the locker room.  

Another thing that shows the Deutsche boss’s inability to buy the hearts of United players is the selection of a lackluster staff as his assistant. Targeting right hand Chris Amas      

 The 49  -year -old former United States midfielder may have had a lot of experience on. What is known as soccer on the American soil. He has also worked as a head coach at major league soccer clubs such as New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC .           

But how to transfer knowledge ,  views on football And advice to these stars ,  ‘ Red Devils ‘  can say that they speak different languages , like Amas does not understand English football culture at all.    

Until having to become a clown in the eyes of his followers, comparing him to the lead character in the satirical comedy series  ‘ Ted Lasso ‘  , which hires a college football coach to be the team manager for a good football league club . and then show off various goodies