Sheringham pointed out that Anthony would never be in Papa’s team

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Former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham has suggested players like Anthony will never be in Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad.

The Brazil international moved to Old Trafford for £85m last summer. Although it looks flickering, but overall I must say that it is disappointing and is always criticized for its performance. This season, he has scored just four goals and one assist in 21 Premier League games this season. In cup competitions, he scored 4 goals in 19 games ufabet.

Sheringham was unimpressed with Anthony’s performance and pointed out that a player of this style would not be in Sir Alex’s squad.

“I’m interested in hearing what Fergie thinks of Anthony,” said Sheringham. “Little bubbles” because he is the wing that glides. Can disappear from the game for a long time and use unnecessary tricks. But enough to score weird goals from time to time.”

“He’s not Fergie’s type of player – Fergie prefers his wings more consistency than Anthony is today.”

“I know he can score great goals. An important goal and he is a gifted boy. I think he needs to learn more about the Premier League like Ronaldo did when he arrived at a new club.

Two other summer signings – Lisandro Martinez and Casemiro – have got the Sheringham seal of approval, with the ex-striker continuing: ‘I really like Casemiro. I think he could save them a lot of money in terms of owning that position for a few more seasons – they wouldn’t need to sign a player like Declan Rice with him in the team.