Rio believe Manchester United top 4

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BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand still believes competing for the Champions League qualifiers from the English Premier League standings this season will ultimately have Manchester United dominated by Michael Owen, who looks at the ufabet club. better tax

The current top four standings are Manchester City , Liverpool , Chelsea , West Ham, followed by Arsenal , United and Tottenham in the line-up.  

Of course, as an alumnus of ‘ Red Devils ‘ , the optimistic Ferdinand is confident with the acting team manager Ralph Rangnick .  

 “ Man Utd are always hopeful of finishing in the top four and in the fourth-placed group there are no teams that can’t stand apart. So a team that plays consistently , winning 5 games in a row, or without losing 10 games in a row. They will probably win. ” Ferdinand started first .  

“ But when looking at Arsenal , West Ham , Manchester United and especially Spurs – can it be say that the results and results are consistent? They all have mistakes. ”

Every pundit predicted the current top three of Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea would remain the same. But their picks of the sides to finish from fourth to seventh varied widely.

Ferdinand went: Manchester United, Tottenham, West Ham, Arsenal; Savage plumped for: United, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham; and Owen chose: Tottenham, Manchester United, West Ham, Arsenal.

Savage added: ‘I’ve gone for United to finish fourth – if they start (Cristiano) Ronaldo every week. (Liverpool forward Diogo) Jota is getting lots of praise, rightly so, 17 goals. Ronaldo’s got 14 goals in a team that creates fewer chances.