Pep Guardiola has hailed Chelsea as the best team now

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has hailed Chelsea as the best team in the world right now. and pointing out the path to win the Premier League title England still has a long way to go.

         City take the lead in the Premier League table, leading Liverpool by nine points, but playing more than one game, while leading the Blues by 13 points with 14 games remaining ทางเข้า ufabet.

         However, the Spaniard does not view himself as the best team in the world. By putting the pressure on this matter to Chelsea Goman.

         “We’re not the best team in the world,” Pep said. “The best team is Chelsea who won the Champions League or River Plate that won South America.”

         “The important thing is we won the game and in three days we go to Norwich and want to win again, this is about who is the best I don’t care. But be happy and try to do better every day.”

         When asked about the title race, the Spaniard said: “Liverpool have two games to play and then we can see the gap… The remaining 14 games still have a lot of points to collect and a difficult game like this one (beating Brentford).”

         “Every game is a fierce competition. But it’s impressive that now the team has 60 points, we’ve done unbelievably well so far.”