Khedira contrasts Ronaldo’s two periods

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Sami Khedira shared his experience of playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Juventus, comparing the differences between the two periods.

Former Germany midfielder Sami Khedira compares working with Cristiano Ronaldo. Though at Real Madrid and Juventus there are little differences that change with maturity. According to a report from Asa last Friday.

Khedira spent five seasons with Real Madrid from 2010-2015, playing alongside Ronaldo and winning La Liga, Champions League titles. and many other champions. Before the two were reunited at Juventus between 2018 and 2021, the 34-year-old midfielder compares how the two are different.

‘I know two Cristiano’s, the first at Real Madrid, who are more young, maybe a little risky and selfish,’ Khedira said. ‘Not in a bad way. But he must find his identity. He’s score a lot of goals and he’s great. But he doesn’t have much influence on the ufabet team.’

‘Then my second experience with Cristiano at Juventus, he came to the team and he was selfish. as well as the selfishness of scoring goals. but more natural Be a more natural leader.’

‘He always puts pressure on us. And I know he needs the help of his teammates to win trophies.’

‘I don’t want an interpretation. He was always part of the team at Madrid, but at Juventus it looked a bit more mature.’

‘He’s always focused on the pitch. but gradually relaxed after having children He is very competitive. In training, Cristiano always wants to win. or if he’s on your team You always want Cristiano to win,’ Khedira said.