Barcelona ready to take care of the Lewandowski

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has a high chance of moving to Barcelona this summer when coach Xavi Hernandez opens his arms. willingly accept

Earlier reports from ‘ Sky Sport Deutscheland ‘ that Lewandowski, who has the remaining contract ufabet until June 2023. Informed the agency that he did not want to continue. because looking for a new challenge at the age of 33 carats.

Of course, the target is Camp Nou , ready to lobby in every possible way to move out of the summer market. Instead of waiting until you become a free agent  

which the attitude from Xavi in the press conference before meeting Getafe (15 May ). Welcomes the Pol spear to the Catalan region if they really want to work together

” If the situation has reached when it can really be bought – maturity is not my concern. ” the 42 -year -old explained. 

” We’ve already signed Dani Alves at the age of 38. ” 

“ Players these days take good care of their bodies. They are high professionals: Alves , Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Luka Modric , Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi . Example _ 

This August , Lewandowski will be 34 years old, but the form is still flashing in the 2021-22 season , scoring 49 goals in all items , 7 assists, winning the European Golden Boot as well.